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Career Counselling

Once out of school, students are confused about choosing a career.

They have to go through a battle between their heart and mind.

Sizzling career will analyze your aspirations, interests and niche talent prior to guiding them to a career option.

Our primary motive is to offer a career solution best suited to your profile and parameters.

This facilitates us to guarantee you the best Career Path and a future bright.

Admission Guidance & Complete Documentation

We understand that students have to go through complex and sometimes, painful procedures of time consuming documentation. Our professionals take care of the process. We make sure that the application has been filled and completed as per the specific demands and requirements of various institutions abroad.

Universities abroad will analyze the Presentation & Documentation of the student and complete error-free application prior to deciding on accepting the offer letter from the student. We help students in the process and ensure 100 percent accurate and error free application and documentation. We assist our students in the following aspects:

Providing the Application Form.

Proper Guidelines to fill the Application.

Outline Details of documents to be sent along with application.

We Help Students Prepare the Following Documents:

SOP (Statement of Purpose)
LOR (Letter of Recommendation )
Preparing requisite sealed & appropriately addressed Envelope packets.
Online/postal despatch of your application.
Monitoring and keeping close tabs on delivery of student’s applications from the University/College and Vis-a-Versa.

Country, University & Course Selection

This is where our expertise lies in. At Sizzling career, we make successful attempts to guide you to choose right Country for your higher education.

Our experienced professionals will also help you opt for the right University and right Course that fits into your specific Career or Personal Goals perfectly.

We guarantee you the choice of career to suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters.

Scholarships / Finacial Aids

The cost of studying abroad is enormous.
This is also the reason that most students & parents are in two minds when it comes to actually applying for Universities in foreign countries for higher education.
The cost of education abroad may vary from country to country and University to University.
This also depends on the course students like to pursue. However, winning scholarship from a University abroad can reduce the burden of expenditure to a significant amount.
Scholarship is possible with proper guidance under experienced hands.
We have been handling scholarship procedures and funding facilities for aspiring students for several successful years now.
Our vast experience in this field has helped thousands of students fulfil their dream of pursuing higher education in foreign countries.

How Sizzling career Help Students with Scholarship?

Offer financial aid in terms of Scholarships / Research Assistantship / Teaching Assistantship.
Getting Bursaries depending on academic strength.
Informing and updating students about smaller scholarships offered by Universities.

Bank / Educational Loan Assistance

We undertake extreme pride in claiming that we have established strong bonds and friendly acquaintances with leading Nationalized Banks offering Educational Loans for Higher Studies.
We offer assistance to students with the entire procedure of educational loan.
Right from explaining the eligibility criteria and selection of Bank, to filing for Loan Application, and preparing required documentation, we are with students helping them in clear each step and achieve financial assistance in time.

Forex Assistance

We guide you to choose right Country, right University and right Course that perfectly fits your Career or Personal Goals and which best suits your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters.

Travel Assistance

We enjoy close tie ups with leading Forex Dealers to guarantee competitive Exchange rates and the timely services to our students.
Foreign Exchange is provided in the form of Foreign Currency, Traveler’s Cheque, Foreign Currency Notes etc., as may be convenient for the student.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We provide the crucial departure brushing to student leaving abroad for higher education.
Our skilled and experienced professionals offer pre departure brushing explain to student on crucial emigration process and the following:
Detailed info about a student’s life in the University Country
Charms to entrant with the alumni student
Meeting with others student going for higher education
We make these efforts to ensure safe, happy and effortless settlement of students in foreign land.

IELTS in training

IELTS will test a students’ aptitude in all four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
Speaking Test:
This is an interview with a certified Examiner in person. It is an interactive session that gets very close to a real-life situation that any test can get.

Studies and Research have proved that IELTS motivates test-takers to build up real and well-formed English. This facilitates creating an understanding of English that is improved and suitable for real life in any English-speaking nation.
IELTS is owned by 3 highly regarded, international organisations. It enjoys the highest quality control and security practices. It may be surprising for many but true that more than 6000 organisations and leading international government departments and universities, rely on IELTS. The scoring system of IELTS globally acclaimed and facilitates students achieve genuine international results.

All the tests including Listening, Reading and Writing must be completed in a single day. The Speaking test may be offered on the same day or within 7 days of other parts. This depends upon the test center and its regulations.

Sizzling career will offer you crucial training and knowledge you require to successfully pass this test. We assist students in preparing and performing well in the IELTS test. The course module at SCS has been designed in a fashion to help students achieve excellent results in the exam.

Trust Sizzling career if you aspire to achieve high bands in IELTS. This is not all. We ensure overall growth of the student using the latest and most innovative teaching methodology.

Apart from vigorous training, we also offer personalized attention to cater to individual requirements. Sizzling career have been making successful attempts to provide adept “SOLUTION” to individual’s language difficulties. We appreciate and cater to student’s feedback and suggestions for the overall development and improvement of the Academy.

We have been enjoying unbeatable results via conducting regular mock tests. This helps us evaluate the performance of student to ensure them a competitive edge.